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  1. Dashboards for System Admins: Create an overview of data metrics visible  ·  Acknowleged

  2. Smart topic classification with Custom Intents  ·  Completed

  3. Forecasts: Update chat / voice forecasts to exclude historical data outside of current operational hours  ·  Prioritized

  4. Track Time to Subsequent Reply Metric  ·  Acknowleged

  5. Export all messages from Search  ·  Acknowleged

  6. Enable more filter options for leave pages  ·  Under Review

  7. Ability to cascade features/metrics/leave from the group level, or from one team to another clone metrics  ·  Acknowleged

  8. Add a 'No Grouping' settings option to the Workstream Analysis  ·  Under Review

  9. Changes to schedule analysis report  ·  Acknowleged

  10. Normalize AHT by Interval  ·  Acknowleged

  11. Open single user workactivity summary when clicking on an agent in performance dashboard  ·  Acknowleged

  12. Scheduled Scorecards Publishing  ·  Acknowleged

  13. Rename metrics in Scenarios to be consistent with other screens  ·  Acknowleged

  14. Being able to use scenarios while looking at Analysis and Realtime reporting  ·  Acknowleged

  15. Analysis - Creation of Payroll Detail Report by Agent  ·  Acknowleged

  16. Increase the Roster Filters option  ·  Acknowleged

  17. Export Topic and Topic Group reports to CSV  ·  Completed

  18. Limit access with Read-only user accounts  ·  Completed

  19. Collapse rows in Work Summary  ·  Acknowleged

  20. Store report configuration in the URL for easy bookmarking and sharing  ·  Completed