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  1. Remove the 15000 limitation from the Workstream Interaction Search report  ·  Prioritized

  2. Intraday Template Second Workload Column Should Be AFSHT  ·  Acknowleged

  3. Ability to set 'interaction creation date' and 'interaction resolution date' as standard fields in evaluation  ·  Acknowleged

  4. Five 9 Event Subscription Service  ·  Acknowleged

  5. Reporting: Additional report in Analysis for LogIn/LogOut  ·  Acknowleged

  6. Add more columns to the table view of Workstream Configurations  ·  Under Review

  7. Workload Team Alignment and Current Week ONLY Contact option  ·  Acknowleged

  8. View/enroll/delete roles  ·  Acknowleged

  9. Having notification in Playvox for the usage of translator

  10. Ability to see and review and even correct if possible historical data and fixed forecast data that has been imported  ·  Acknowleged

  11. Scheduled user profile changes should be effective on the date entered, not at the start of the roster  ·  Acknowleged

  12. New metrics to track an agent's first response after a ticket is assigned to them  ·  Acknowleged

  13. Ability to cascade features/metrics/leave from the group level, or from one team to another clone metrics  ·  Acknowleged

  14. Changes to schedule analysis report  ·  Acknowleged

  15. Add a 'No Grouping' settings option to the Workstream Analysis  ·  Under Review

  16. Open single user workactivity summary when clicking on an agent in performance dashboard  ·  Acknowleged

  17. Rename metrics in Scenarios to be consistent with other screens  ·  Acknowleged

  18. Scheduled Scorecards Publishing  ·  Acknowleged

  19. Show detailed information for PTO/NCNS in User Shift Tab and linked to the Actual Schedule  ·  Acknowleged

  20. date filter in new reporting  ·  Completed